My Basic Kilroy HD Setup

I like pedal kayaks and appreciate the advantages they offer when fishing, but honestly: a kayak has to be paddled. Change my mind. One of the best sit-inside kayaks out there is the Kilroy HD. Why? It’s really fast and stable, offers a lot of space, has a total of 700 cm gear tracks (!), you can sleep in it, it’s perfect for paddling with your dog and you can use it as a tandem with your youngsters. For me it was actually only love at second sight, but now it has become one of my all-time favorite kayaks!

Let’s take a closer look at my basic setup:

▪ Power Pole Micro Anchor for shallow water. The Kilroy HD comes Power Pole ready!

▪ Tightline Anchor K5 for deeper water (secured to YakAttack Vertical Tie Downs).

▪ Rebelcell 12V70 AV lithium battery for the Power Pole Micro Anchor.

▪ Rebelcell 12V18 AV lithium battery for the fish finder.

▪ Rebelcell Power Rebel 26K for charging camera and mobile phone.

▪ YakAttack DogBone Camera Mount + GoPro Hero7 Black.

▪ YakAttack Omega Rod Holder (one for the net, one for the rod).

▪ RAM Fish Finder Mount.

▪ Scotty Transducer Arm 140 (don’t forget to remove on long paddling distances, a transducer arm reduces the speed by approx. 1 km/h).

▪ YakAttack Cup Holder & Orion Coolers Tumbler.

▪ Jackson Kayak KKrate with 3 rod holders.

▪ Railblaza C-Tug for transportation to the water.

▪ Bending Branches Angler Pro Paddle 240-255 cm.

▪ YakAttack VISIPole (installed when fishing in the dark or on waters with shipping traffic).

▪ YakAttack CommandStand (for a higher GoPro position at the rear or to attach a tent roof for overnight stays).

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