Pimp my E-Rider!

I usually rig my projects according to the motto less is more, but I did the total opposite with the Savage Gear E-Rider. My little winter fun project during the closed season. The manufacturer calls the E-Rider a kayak, but as described in the catalog, it's a crossover between an inflatable boat and an inflatable... Weiterlesen →

Kayak Fishing Vacation in Beautiful Poland

I think Poland is one of the most underrated holiday destinations in Europe. And after getting to know this country last year, I don't understand why. Poland is really beautiful, has many forests and lakes and a 500 km long Baltic coast. The hospitality of Poland is overwhelming. Very important when planning our vacation: there... Weiterlesen →

My Top 3 Kayak Fishing Anchors

Anchoring is a good way to deal with the wind and to stay on spots. There are many anchoring methods, depending on the wind, tide, current and water depth. Here are my personal top 3: Tightline Anchor K5 My absolute favorite anchor and definitely one of the best anchors for kayaks and small boats! I... Weiterlesen →

My Basic Kilroy HD Setup

I like pedal kayaks and appreciate the advantages they offer when fishing, but honestly: a kayak has to be paddled. Change my mind. One of the best sit-inside kayaks out there is the Kilroy HD. Why? It's really fast and stable, offers a lot of space, has a total of 700 cm gear tracks (!), you... Weiterlesen →

Bottom Bouncing with Crankbaits

In May and June, when the weed is shorter than later in the year, I fish almost exclusively with crankbaits. Not because it's so effective, but because it's a hell of a lot of fun! Crankbaits are absolute classics and great search baits that you can fish easily and they are ideal to cover a lot... Weiterlesen →

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