Kayak Fishing Vacation in Beautiful Poland

I think Poland is one of the most underrated holiday destinations in Europe. And after getting to know this country last year, I don’t understand why. Poland is really beautiful, has many forests and lakes and a 500 km long Baltic coast. The hospitality of Poland is overwhelming. Very important when planning our vacation: there are almost endless possibilities to fish!

The travel situation in 2020 was horrific, our family trip to Florida was canceled and even travel within Germany was temporarily prohibited. We used a small gap in the summer between the border closings to visit our friends Mariusz and Magdalena near Gdansk, about 850 km away from us. They live rightnext to a lake in a beautiful house with lots of fishing kayaks in the garage. A paradise for us!

During or road trip we noticed how beautiful the landscape in Poland is as soon as we left the autobahn. It’s unbelievable how many big lakes and huge forests you can see. The weather was very nice and we spent the days with the kayaks or the paddleboard on the water, caught many perch, pike and roach, visited the beautiful city of Gdansk, enjoyed the wonderful air on the long Baltic Sea beach, took shooting lessons in the shooting range and fell in love with the country and the people. 

We can highly recommend this region in Europe and will try to go back as soon as possible. Poland is a fascinating country, so we’ll let the pictures speak for themselves!


Poland is located in the very centre of Europe. With the total area of 312,679 km² it’s the seventh biggest country on the continent. Polish population is over 38,5 million people. The capital city is Warsaw (around 2 million inhabitants). Poland borders 7 countries: Belarus 416 km, Czech Republic 790 km, Germany 467 km, Lithuania 103 km, Russia (Kaliningrad Oblast) 210 km, Slovakia 541 km, Ukraine 529 km.

Most of the country is located on lowlands. On the south there are upland areas with two major mountain chains – the Carpathians (Karpaty) and the Sudetes (Sudety). The Baltic sea coastline on the north measures 770 km. The longest river, Vistula (Wisła) is 1,047 km long.

The highest point of Poland is the peak of Rysy, 2,499 meters in elevation. The lowest point in Poland is at 2 meters below sea level, located in the Vistula Delta. (Source: studyinpoland.pl)

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